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A "visa" is an official document issued by a government that allows a foreign national to enter a specific country and stay there for a limited period. Visas can be granted for various purposes, such as tourism, business travel, study, work, or family reunification. The conditions and maximum duration of stay may vary depending on the country and type of visa. A visa is intended to regulate entry and stay in the host country and ensure that the holder meets the necessary entry requirements.


A "residence permit" (also known as a "residence title" or "residence permit") is a document that allows a foreign national to legally reside in a specific country for an extended period. Unlike a visa, which is often applied for before entry, a residence permit is usually applied for and granted after entry into the host country. It can be issued for various purposes, such as work, study, family, or humanitarian reasons. The residence permit allows the holder to live and work in the host country as long as the conditions of the permit are met.


Both documents, visas and residence permits, are important legal documents for foreign nationals to travel, work, or study abroad.

Visa/ Residence Permit

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