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Rechtsunterlagen beglaubigt übersetzen

Legal documents

€59.00 Regular Price
€53.10Sale Price

The translation is certified and recognized nationwide in Germany.


'Legal documents' are written records or records related to legal matters. These documents can take various forms and contain information about legal cases, contracts, agreements, court decisions, charges, judgments, laws, and other legal matters. Legal documents are frequently used in legal proceedings, law firms, courts, authorities, and businesses to document, track, and address legal matters. They are crucial for ensuring compliance with laws and regulations and for establishing rights and responsibilities.

  • This is how you can hire us!

    • Select your language.
    • Add the product to your cart and complete the payment.
    • You will receive an email from us with a link to securely upload your documents.

    Once a service like translation has been commissioned, it cannot be canceled.


    We deliver your original translation via mail throughout the EU.

  • Number of pages

    Please adjust the above 'Quantity' section to fit the entire page of the document.

  • Note

    After completing the purchase, we only require a copy of your document. You do not need to send us the original. In Germany, a translation of a copy is sufficient; you do not need to submit the original to us.



    The quantity corresponds to the number of pages. When ordering a translation, one page may include up to 3 stamps on the back. If you have additional pages, please adjust the order quantity accordingly. Please note that even if you upload more pages and pay for a specific page count, we will only translate the first page.

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